Friday, March 16, 2012

The Fix

Where do I begin!!!? The FIX is a seminar I went to in Chicago this week. I LEARNED SOOOO MUCH!! I went with a new friend Jill Louvar from Jill Marie Photography We had entirely too much fun minus the "I know what you did last summer" fog patches we ran into on the drive home!
    This seminar was done by the AH-MAZING Jasmine Star ( . I have to admit it was so great to go and listen to someone who knows exactly what it's like to be a photographer. She talked about struggles of her own which made me feel less alone. She talked about the industry and breaking molds which empowered me and made me feel like "I CAN". It changed my whole outlook on my business. The first thing I'm dieing to do ya'll is to just be myself. For the past how many years I've felt like I should or shouldn't do certain things because they may or may not be socially acceptable. The truth is we are ALL different so why not embrace it!!! Through conversation with Jill on the way to and from the seminar we talked about a certain circumstance where I had expressed my opinion on my personal facebook page about education and someone had deleted me because of my opinion. I was hurt by that deeply because I felt like if this person TRULY knew who I was they would of known it was not a personal attack. I have never met this person. When I realized they deleted me I went to my "I'm sorry" place. I immediately started to write her a message telling her how sorry I was for offending her about my personal opinion...when I stopped. I had realized I have somewhat became a small doormat in my own world of photography. This is a small example of what I've been doing the last 3 years. The truth is I've been a  willing & participating door mat. It's no one's fault but my own.  Because of the dire need to feel accepted by clients, other photographers, and the public I've turned into a "YES" person. Because of this attitude I've offered unnecessary discounts to friends/family/photographers which in turn made me feel over worked and under appreciated.  Don't get me wrong I still LOVE to gift my skill every once in awhile. I'm just being completely honest with you guys. It got out of hand last year when I had added up the amount of money I could have made/gave away. I know...I know..It's not all about the money right! But these last 6 months I've been really reflecting on where I want to go with this. I absolutely love my job/business, but the truth is I love my God, my husband, my son, my family & friends WAY more. I want to be PRESENT in all those things. The older I get the more I realize just how precious life is. I want to do things....see things....and enrich people's lives. Now I've been very blessed to be able to have a perfect place called photography to help do that. The great Ninya Walters once told me " I believe you can run your business and not let it run you". I'll never forget those words. I'm excited to take this next step in growth with the business. I'm extremely excited to be myself and give myself to you guys. So perhaps I should start with a few TOTALLY RANDOM things you may or may not know about me!!!!! HERE GOES!!!! (Yes, I just broke a sweat)
   1. Several times a week we have supper with our best friends and their two girls (right? Who NEEDS to see their best friends that much? YES WE DO)
  2. We have a beagle, who my assistant Jari thinks I really dislike because I don't very often say too many nice things about her. However I will add that when she went missing right before my son's first birthday I drove all over town for hours to find her stopping to ask every police man if they could help! (Gotta love living in a small town)
 3. My absolute favorite color is turquoise.  Yes, I'm so obsessed with it that my fear is I'll be one of those 70 year old ladies that wears it so much my nic name turns to Teal.. Ask my cousins Madison and Morgan!
 4. I hate gum (grosses me out in every way)
 5. I have a love/hate relationship with fountain pop
 6. I'm addicted to antique/prop shopping.
7. This might surprise a lot of you..I'd rather edit than shoot. For me the image comes to life when I get my greasy lil wacom pen on it! :)
8. I record/DVR: Jersey Shore (AHH CAT'S OUTTA THE BAG...never wanted to admit this one), American Idol, The Bachelor, & Oprah!
9. I am almost certain I probably have some kind of allergy to ice cream/ dairy but it doesn't stop me from indulging in it frequently!
10. I have the fattest feet in the world. I swear my big toe is the size of Texas!

:) OK- I promise I'll try and do better about being myself. I want to give you all of me! Love you guys so much! I'll make sure to share more about THE FIX later!!!! HUGS!!! I have to go re-apply deodorant now!!!


  1. You are an effervescent little beam of light and life! Know you are truly loved, appreciated and valued over here with the Short (soon to be "Kill") Clan! I am so blessed to have met you, and I LOVE this blog site!

    Hope to see you soon!


  2. I just have to say you're such an inspiration & I love you girl! You often speak of how others inspire you but know that YOU inspire others! Can't wait to see YOU bringing MORE of YOU into your photography! Life is so rewarding if we just let it be and live to enjoy it ;) Hope to catch up soon.
    Love ya!